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Deborah Becker Insurance & Financial Services

Deborah Becker is no ordinary insurance agent. She deserves something extraordinary… and a little weird. When Deborah asked me to create a new logo for her business I wanted to incorporate a lot of the elements from her design past that got her where she is today. The upside aspect of the logo? It’s both metaphorical and an homage to the time she made local news for purposefully installing a billboard upside down. The characters? She seems to like my animation so I wanted to keep that going. Each character is a meaningful character from her advertising past. They will be the stars of upcoming commercials (very exited to get those done and show them to the world).

BSD App Idea

Medlock Bridge Tennis Center

I am not a tennis player. I have never been very good at it and generally ignore the sport altogether. When I was asked to create a logo I had to do a fair amount of research do see what kind of trends are used in the tennis design world. Spoiler alert: They use tennis balls… a lot.

Not to sound like an nonconformist, following trends can be helpful sometimes, but I wanted to explore different ideas. There is only so much you can do with a tennis ball. I wanted to incorporate both the imagery of a bridge and tennis. The concept of using the racket as a bridge came pretty quickly… the hard part was making it look right.